When to Buy a Wedding Dress

When to Buy a Wedding Dress

For brides planning their weddings, buying your dress at the right time is key. You want to be sure you have plenty of time to not only find the perfect wedding dress, but have it arrive in time to be able to get alterations. 

10 Months Before the Wedding


While it sounds long, you’ll need at least 10 months before the wedding to order your wedding dress. This is because the designer needs time to source materials and sew your gown—and with high-end garments like your wedding dress, it’s a much more involved process. The pandemic has also slowed down the speed at which designers are able to make dresses, due to a higher demand as well as supply chain backups. 

3 Months Before the Wedding


Once your dress finally arrives, you’ll start the alterations process. You’ll come in first for an initial fitting, with two subsequent fittings afterwards for your seamstress to make any needed adjustments so that your dress fits perfectly. Alterations are important, and you’ll most likely need them, even if it’s for something as simple as raising a hem or tightening a strap. 

If You Don’t Have the Time


Some brides don’t have 10 months to spend looking for their wedding dress! If you’re on a tighter timeline, no worries: you can purchase one of our ready-to-wear wedding dresses from the Belle Amour Loft, a selection of stunning, designer bridal gowns that are already ready for you to wear, you’ll only need alterations!

If you’re looking for your perfect wedding dress, book an appointment at Belle Amour Bridal and let us help you find the perfect wedding dress.