Wedding Dress Journey

Wedding Dress Journey

As with everything when planning your wedding, you need to time buying your wedding dress properly so that it’s ready for the wedding. Buying your wedding dress is a months-long process, so you need to be familiar with the process so you can plan accordingly. Here’s your breakdown of the timeline from start to finish:

After You Get Engaged


Congratulations on your engagement! As you begin planning, you’ll want to set your date and venue before you start shopping. Once the location and date are set, start booking your appointments to shop for your wedding dress! You’ll want the venue and date set so that you know what the weather will be like and you’ll have a good idea of what your wedding day will actually look like. 

10-12 Months Before


You’ll want to order your wedding dress about 10-12 months prior to the wedding. While it seems long, ordering a wedding dress takes so long because of the quality of the garment. Your designer can’t make a couture-quality wedding dress overnight, especially when it’s crafted for you specifically. 

2 Months Before


Two months ahead of the wedding, your dress will arrive, and you’ll likely need alterations. This could be anything from a simple hem change to a more complicated alteration, like adding or removing sleeves. You’ll have your first fitting, for any major changes, two months out from the wedding, and you’ll come in for two more fittings to ensure everything is fitting perfectly for the big day. 

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